Audi Genuine Winter Wheels Special

Offer Ends: 2019/02/28

Winter Wheel (1)

Until February 28th, 2019, receive 10% off all Audi Genuine Winter Wheel Packages!

Have you been trying to get through the winter on all-season tires, or been waiting for the season end sales event to purchase new winter wheels? With half a winter season remaining and more snow to come, now’s the time to invest!



What is the difference between winter tires and all-season tires?

On dry pavement, with temperatures just below freezing, the stopping distance for vehicles equipped with all-season tires is 30% longer than for vehicles with winter tires.

Winter tires also have better traction on a snowy surface at temperatures of -40°C than all-season tires have at +4°C.

Even on dry pavement, the overall performance of an all-season tire declines as the temperature becomes colder.


Why choose Audi Genuine Winter wheels?

Aside from their proven success through rigorous testing, their exemplary durability and striking design sets you apart from the rest. Not to mention – a perfect fit.




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