Coolant Flush & Complimentary Alignment Check

Offer Ends: 2018/12/31

Time to get your vehicle ready for winter!



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Until December 31st, 2018, book your coolant flush for just $199.95 + tax and receive a complimentary alignment check.


To perform and stay in good shape, your Audi engine must remain at a certain temperature. Regularly servicing your radiator and cooling system every 4 years/80 000 kms will help you achieve the optimal temperature. So, we recommend a coolant flush on your Audi.

How does it work?

As Antifreeze breaks down you can get calcium and wax deposits in your cooling system. This decreases the system’s ability to properly cool your engine which leads to premature cooling system and engine component failure.

A coolant flush is a simple cleanse to ensure you are always ready to take on a road trip whether close to home or far away.

Additionally, a proper wheel alignment eliminates the risk of uneven tire wear, which is highly important in the winter, as the tire material is softer and wears out more quickly in the winter. As well, with the icy roads, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is driving straight and that no odd steering is experienced.

Maximize the investment on your winter wheels today and let our Certified Mechanics inspect your Audi’s alignment to ensure you and your family enjoy each winter drive comfortably! If they find your vehicle requires an alignment, you can receive an alignment adjustment for only $169.95 + tax.





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